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Tiens aculife is newly developed high tech hand orientation instrumentation on total information image about life.

Traditional Chinese medicine says,” When people are sick, they must have the symptom of the disease ,” On simple usage of Tiens Aculife people will detect the symptoms of disease condition, at the same time there will be a good treatment and restoration effect to the disease after using this product.

So, it will be a powerful method and a strong tool for our distributors to introduce Tiens products and a strong proof for the effectiveness of our Tiens products
  • Unusual disease information
  • Restoration effect to disease
  • Detect-possible illness.
  • Direct stimulation-acupoints by electro magnetic wave.
  • Only stimulating ear and palms.
  • Strengthen Immune system,prevent and heal illness
  • To Detect :- Aculife sende out a short wave electric pulse through acupoints on the hand and ear. Their state of Chi (vital energy) is measured in the form of tingling or stinging sensation.
  • To Relieve :- Tranmits the electric pulse on the same wave length but a different power which stimulates the brain into producing more red and white blood cells and endorphines.
  • To Protect :- Strengthen and enhance the body’s Immune system.

  • Pace maker
  • Pregnant
  • Hemorrhage
  • Malignant tumor
  • Tuberculosis
  • Children under three years